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Miyabi reborn

Shortly after Haruo Takeda (Miyabi designer) retired, Osamu Nagao, a good friend of Takeda and Miyabi distributor in Japan, and Tetsuya Sukehiro, a young cartridge designer with over  10 years of OEM carrier for several well-known brands, started a project to create a cartridge  to revive the Miyabi sound.

After 3years of painstaking R&D, they finally came to a breakthrough shortly before the summer of 2014 and Fuuga was born.


“Miyabi” (雅) means “elegance” in Japanese. To honor the legacy of “Miyabi”, they named it “Fuuga” (風雅), which means “elegance with flair”.

Fuuga does not only incorporate some unique design  features Sukehiro found in Miyabi cartridges and inherit its unique musicality, it will re-define the boundary of LP reproduction.



Output: 0.35mVrms (50mm/sec., zero to peak, 45°)

Impedance: 2.5Ω(1kHz)

Cannel separation: >27db (1kHz)

Compliance: 7x10⁻⁶cm/dyne (100Hz)

Cantilever: A2017 Aluminum Aloy, tapered

Stylus: Parabolic Hybrid, 8μm x 40μm, pure diamond

Weight: 15grm

Recommended tracking force: 2.0~2.2grm

MSRP € 6.600 + VAT



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